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Divide between management and workers a natural thing

Is there a natural divide between management and workers?
There is. Contrary to popular belief that there are ways and means of doing things differently and treating people differently which will remove this divide, the divide remains. What happens is that the divide may be change it’s appearance, but that divide is there.

There are many reasons for it. In a unionized environment, there is a natural “need” to maintain some divide. In fact, it is where the divide gets formalized.
By the way, I am not making any value judgement as to whether the divide is a good thing or a bad thing. I just want to observe that there is an unavoidable divide.
What about non unionized work places?
There are many examples of companies and departments where the “hierachy” is relatively flat. Or where the ” boss” behaves and deals with the staff like “one of the lads”.
The fact remains, however, that there will be a natural tension. While both may pull in the same direction to further the aims of the company, the aims of each party are different.
Maybe it is not a management-worker divide so much as the natural divide between any two parties that have been labelled differently.
I’ll give it some more thought and solicit some views before commenting further on this.