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Old and New buildings contrast reflects some inate human nature?

When I saw this old building in front of the modern glass walled skyscraper, I thought of whether it reflects the changing taste in society of this place. If so, is it due to evolving ideas of what is desirable in a building? Or is it a change brought about by advances in technology. That is, limitations of technology determine what is desirable, to an extent.

Increasing rates of change in our environment and technology has led us to believe that what is impossible today, may one day be possible. Often within our lifetime. Science fiction has become reality.

What then is the next step-wise change in our thoughts? When there is the self confidence that what we wish for, can be achieved, with time and resources, what then is the next level of expectations?

A philosophical question? A moral question? Or is even the type of question yet to be understood and given a name!

An old brick building in front of a towering glass clad tall building.

Old short, New tall, building technology reflected here.

It’s only Words

Words are merely words. Different people attach different meanings to the same word. At the same time, within the contex of a single conversation, we can use the different words to distinguish between different ideas). This is even necessary, for how will we compare ideas if not to use a different word for each.

Hence, it is important to be careful of the use of words. When you are listening to someone else, check your own thought process, that you are not getting the wrong message by attaching a different meaning to a word, than the speaker.

The emotional attachment, is of course a related but different matter.

This is a relevant discussion when you are performing or learning any task that is centered around defining or analyzing complex matters. Such as in EA (enterprise architecture) or in BA (business analysis).

Simon Seow. First posts in simonseow.com on Monday 29 June 2015.