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Reasonning is based on passage of time.

The idea of a reason, a cause, is dependent on analyzing something over a time.

Take a look at the video clip.

Can you see the ant? (Continued at bottom of video screen…

Question : Why did the ant jump off the mug?

Answer : the mug was hot?

Question : Why did the ant get on top of the mug in the first place?

The question answer sequence can go on almost indefinitely. The further back we trace things, the more possible reasons there will be in a particular link.

The point I am making here is that we need a clear focus on what our  objective is, in asking questions. Is it to understand the behavior of ants?  Is it to know what actually happened that led to an event? Or maybe the purpose is to design mugs.

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Alternative Medicine – what does it mean?

photo of information banner of alternative medicine convention

photo of information banner of alternative medicine convention

Today I visited an international conference on alternative medicine. The trade show attached to it had about fifty odd booths, each promoting anything from government regulatory agencies and specialist practitioner associations, to the usual wide range of medical methods. It is intriguing to see and hear about both the “mainstream” alternative medicine folks, like acupuncture and homeopathy, as well as the “far out” groups that speak of flower vibrations captured in little sugar pills.
Should these alternative groups (and sometimes individual stand-alone operators be allowed to ply their wares? Or should there be some strict rules to make them play the game of the conventional schools?
That is a very hard question to even discuss, let alone decide the answer to. On the one hand, you cannot ask a trumpet player to play by the rules of a footballer, even though the purpose of both is to give pleasure to others. On the other, the gullible need to be protected. Or do they?