Miscommunication Shao Cha

烧〔燒〕 – literary burn
PY shāo
香肠〔-腸〕- this is the dictionary word for sausage.
PY xiāngcháng

It sometimes happens that I ask for something in a restaurant and get something else. Despite the waiter repeating my order and we both agree that’s what I want. That’s because different local dialects use different pronounciation, tone or words.
In my dialect (version of Hakka) hot tea is Shao Cha. But in some other dialects they say warm tea instead of hot tea.

Once, at a Nanning railway station Chinese fast food outlet, I asked in putonghua if they have Shao Cha. Without hesitation and with a look of “why do you need to ask”, the counter man said “yes, sure”.
I was wondering why the menu on the wall behind him listed all drinks except hot tea.
The picture shows what I got.
It was Shao Chang. Or roast sausage in noodles. Their speciality.


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