Exhaustion we have been there before

It’s a Fact of life that at some point in our lives we would have been caught in a situation that was continuously demanding of our physical, mental and spiritual being. At those times it seems that the agony will never end. Perhaps it is physical work, or mental work or just a situation that is deathly boring but that we feel compelled to continue.
Perhaps it is a situation of hopelessness. Arriving in a strange town expecting to find a job but stranded with no job no hope and nowhere to turn to for help.
If and when that happens to you again, remind yourself that it is never a permanent situation because nothing is permanent. Not bad things or good things.
Take heart that there is always a way out. It is a matter of time that you have to wait for the situation to pass or for you to find the escape door.
I’m reminded of a quote from a book I have forgotten the title of. Goes something like “we are trapped I’m a gilded cage we built ourselves”.


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