What did Socrates say or wrote?

Many many things.

Did Socrates write down things he said?

Not to my knowledge, and please correct me and let me know where to find his direct writings. Thanks. His great ideas were left by his students. Like Plato?

Sort of an excuse for those of us with plenty of ideas. These ideas are seldom formal study type things. For formal study to memorize rather than to discus with people the same intellectual level and above ourselves, yet with the joys of discussions, is rare to come across. I really miss my days in London throughout the 70s when I met such a wide range of people to mix with. Many whom I had found strange in ideas, in looks. But all interesting. Those days are gone and i am a little inclined to believe the possibility that humanity is approaching the end (million years perhaps) rather than a real progress. Perhaps not an end of physical existence but very much an end of individualism.

Strange isn’t it? The note one writes the more one realizes that the writings are just the top of the iceberg and therefore the amounts of misguidance possible by writings. But what is the alternative to sharing knowledge?

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