Bridge to nowhere. When what we do has no “usefulness”, or is that so?…

This was a really steep climb up those stairs. Doesn’t look that way in the picture. But you are warned. So why did I climb up, knowing that I could not go anywhere once I reached the top. And he way down was likely more scary.

My reason was that I wanted to use it as one of the things I do to overcome my fear of heights. Like my mum, who will not stand in front of an upstairs window, I used to be an embarrassment when I was in the Boy Scouts. Frozen solid, or constantly shivering each time I was pushed up a tree to get on one of those exercises to use a rope to get between trees. Or rollercoasters.

So, I am not one of those well published folks who keep doing death defying moves just for fun, or showing off. I’m still a scary cat when it comes to keeping alive.

Oh, you also want to check out and prepare for how you may want to react, if these flimsy stairs were to break while you’re walking on them.

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