Perception and truth are seldom the same thing

One theme that runs through all of the training I do, is that what you see is almost never what it is. It is not that you are completely mistaken in what you see, and thus base your work upon. Rather, it is that you ought to obtain more points of view not necessarily from others, before you act upon the information.

We all know the phenomenon of a person changing his mind soon after he has articulated a set of business requirements that he wants to be automated. It is nothing new, and nothing to be considered unusual. It is just the way the human mind works. Therefore, make the effort to achieve different viewpoints before you decide what the “real” requirements and the real background are.

The pictures show the model of the Olympic torch in QingDao China taken from different angles. One is a straightforward cylinder, while another shows a double barrel shape.

Perception - a point of viewPerception - one point of view 1

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