Beliefs always based on our own experiences

This may be sensitive to some, who have strong religious conviction. To be honest, I’m fully convinced of an intelligence in full control over our fates. The difference with most people, may be. I’m not convinced that we, or certain anointed leaders, are privy to the grand plan.
The picture is taken tonight, in the restaurant to like to eat at. Semi open air.
The picture shows a very typical little shrine set up on the ground of a Chinese house/business.
You can see that the “deity” whatever it is, has been given human attributes. Like there’s a set of steps to let the deity ascend or descend from the shrine.
You may laugh. But think about it. Does your own religious tradition have such beliefs I’ll bet it has. Like a jealous or an avenging God. Or a loving God. Or all rolled into one.
I cannot claim to be wiser than anyone and to be given wisdom beyond the average believer. All I see is that there is very little difference between Faith’s on the area of adopting human attributes to the worshiped deity.

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