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Certification and Certification

The past decade has seen a proliferation of certification programmes. Some are better and some are ****.

There as a time when I had friends who sought out any and every certificate they can collect. I think there is a slowing down. One reason is the economic recession that makes people and employers more careful here they put their money. Another is the realisation that jobs depend on more substation life things than just certificates.

Certificates are still useful. But you better be good in the subject that you are certified in. I think the days of getting jobs based on certificates of subject matter that one has no knowledge beyond the exams is largely over. And that’s a good thing, for employers and also for genuine training providers and certification bodies’ reputation.

Hmmm….. do you smell a fish?

Is this business vs technical people in organisations still there?

There seems to be a continuous conflict between the business side people and the technical side people of the same organisation. While most people do see it as a problem, it is not really so. The two sides need different minds and attitudes to perform well in their respective jobs. (Though here we are simplifying things a lot since it is usually not so straightforward to place everybody in an organisation in either camp).

The flowing diagram illustrates the issue. It may be two or more, or less points of common views, but there will always be ;positions and views that are different. These stress points need proper management because otherwise, when one side makes all the decisions without taking into consideration the other sides views, then things will be inefficient and the organisation will perform far below its potential.

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The Business-Technical link and distance