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Normal and medical condition

How many of us are “normal”? As in statistical definition (as many measures benchmarks are set. Often semi arbitrarily?).
Has any of us found a shoe or a trouser that fits perfectly?
We have been conned by mass manufacturers to “accept” what is normal. Some clothing manufacturers go to the extent of having only even numbered sizes.
This should give us an inkling into the trick played out in mass “medicine”. Much more so than in clothes. There is a lot more natural deviations in our bodies.

Yet the trend to measure the range of levels beyond which medical intervention is needed is increasing. Either buy my drugs or submit to an operation in the hospital operation theatre.

High blood pressure? cholesterol levels? Sugar levels?
Undoubtedly there are danger levels. But it has to vary between individuals. But this tailoring for individuals is not part of mainstream medicine. Perhaps one day it will be. When our systems measurements are taken frequently from the time of birth.
And then it raises other questions of confidentiality (as if it exists in the modern world ) and of mass manipulation on a far wider scale than now.
It’s a grim view. But that’s the way it is.

Caveat Emptor.