Monthly Archives: April 2015

Restaurant – behind and in front of kitchen/counter.

Observation. Food slow to come when you have staff, including the boss, that runs between kitchen/counter and the tables.
Need to plan the logistics well. Saw this again in this Malaysian restaurant in Newcastle Australia. Boss man and his waiters seem to rush around too much. All over the place.
A few things come to mind.
There seems no specialization of work tasks. Certainly, in a small family owned type operation, everybody has to multitask. You cannot afford to be so specialized and so rigid in a way that result in many tasks being left unattended to.
But there has to be some guideline when things get too busy. Perhaps one person should be directing the rest, while filling in the odd tasks that can be done, to help out. The tasks should be those that do not prevent him from keeping an overview of the needs of observing rising needs and of directing the operations.


Giant emergency button

Is this cost cutting?
There’s a cardboard cutout of uniformed personnel and a giant panic button nearby.
Is it due to budget cuts? Put the life size cut outs to show the unformed personnel are still around and you just have to press the button to summon help.
Tongue on cheek.
It’s actually the immigration department.