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Pill of immortality and early death

Pill of immortality and early death.
Old Chinese emperors wanted to live forever. With such a wish there was no shortage of offers to make one for them. Whether you see them as alchemist, doctors, adventurers or just frauds. It could be these “experts” genuinely thought that with the right financial backing they could really invent a pill of immortality. It could even sometimes be someone paid to kill the emperor by the pill.

Today it doesn’t happen. There is no more emperor to command anyone to do the impossible. Nobody believes in immortality any more.
Really ?
Instead of the emperor, we the average man in the street are the emperor.
We wish to prolong life. To be young forever.
And there is no shortage of quacks to sell us that fantasy. Look at the increasing numbers of pharmacies and medical and health and beauty shops in all towns of decent size.

The emperor and the quest for immortality lives in us.

Using things we have more often

It’s a dilemma what to keep. We have much much more possessions than our forefathers.
One problems with things is that we either can’t find them when we need them, or they are so seldom used that we wonder whether we should just throw them away to save space or to avoid their expiry before we next use them. It is not a matter of cost because many of these items are low cost, but necessary for the occasions when you need them.

A solution to the dilemma is to find multiple uses for the same object. A bit of creativity that is very satisfying, and the occasional laughter from the spouse or friend.

Sticky tape , is a thing we need to use once a while, in small amounts. It’s a nuisance to keep because when we need it we can’t find it and it’s often lost it’s stickiness or become so stuck to itself you just can’t get the end off the roll.

I now use it/ them as a convenient mobile phone rest/stand. It keeps the phone off the table/shelf, cooler, it reflects some of the speaker sound when I’m playing music (the wider tape rolls are better for this) and the tape is always at hand when you need it.