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This picture looks like a plate of chips (or fries in the US). (This naming difference creates communication confusion in places that are ex British colonies undergoing American influence ).
However they are a type mushrooms or fungi. I just ate them at a restaurant in Nanning .
Lesson here is to be careful of taking something as true until you have seen it from different perspectives and using different senses.

When and why does too many cooks spoil the broth

This is because there is no common menu and no strategy on the cooking process.
Cooking is something that is very personal. Although one may follow a cookbook and recipe, there are just too many variations that cannot be put down in the formula.
The ingredients may be specified as “a pinch of salt”. A medium sized potato. The process may be to heat until smoke starts to appear, which depending on how hot the pan was, may either be too early or too late.
There is an analogy in project management. Sometimes it may be a good thing to have a flatter organization with peers who now when and what to do at the right time. More often than not, however, it needs a strong character, like the chief cook, who dictates and directs things and people to act in the sequence and timing that only he seem to know.


吃为肚不为目 from Lao Tze. Eat for the stomach not for the eyes.
If eating for the eyes then there is no limit and it leads to all sorts of abuses.
Of course we all enjoy a good meal that touches all our senses. The display, smells, taste, texture. In addition, I am particularly sensitive to this indescribable attribute of “life” wherein some foods tend to give you this feeling of wellbeing where others do not.
The saying is to caution against a habit of seeking for a best version of a dish. I know some people who cannot be happy with a meal unless it’s the best. Such a torture to have an unhappy experience at each meal. History contains some emperors who were known for their excesses in food and drink. The infamous one of the last emperor of a dynasty who eventually asked for steamed baby because he had tasted everything else and this was one thing he never had yet. You can imagine that, being emperor, there was sure to be someone around him who will oblige.
Note: eye or sight in this and some other cases simply means the mind. Eating for the minds sake refers to a compulsive behavior rather than to an ability to enjoy all the attributes of something one is eating. So, go ahead and enjoy your food.

Divide between management and workers a natural thing

Is there a natural divide between management and workers?
There is. Contrary to popular belief that there are ways and means of doing things differently and treating people differently which will remove this divide, the divide remains. What happens is that the divide may be change it’s appearance, but that divide is there.

There are many reasons for it. In a unionized environment, there is a natural “need” to maintain some divide. In fact, it is where the divide gets formalized.
By the way, I am not making any value judgement as to whether the divide is a good thing or a bad thing. I just want to observe that there is an unavoidable divide.
What about non unionized work places?
There are many examples of companies and departments where the “hierachy” is relatively flat. Or where the ” boss” behaves and deals with the staff like “one of the lads”.
The fact remains, however, that there will be a natural tension. While both may pull in the same direction to further the aims of the company, the aims of each party are different.
Maybe it is not a management-worker divide so much as the natural divide between any two parties that have been labelled differently.
I’ll give it some more thought and solicit some views before commenting further on this.

The time we spend on getting things to work

I am getting the feeling that I am spending too much time on trying to get things to work. Recently I reinstalled WordPress and I thought I had backed up my posts. I use a blogging software and the posts are all there on my notebook. But it seems impossible to sync back to my hosting server. There is a new issue where the server is rejecting posts that are not via the browser. That stops me from posting ideas as they arise. And of course I am at a loss as to how to get all my old posts back online, short of manually doing it one by one.

Any WordPress expert out there with a solution? Help will be greatly appreciated.

Hope to get back to regular posts soon.

Picture of Simon Seow

Alternative Medicine – what does it mean?

photo of information banner of alternative medicine convention

photo of information banner of alternative medicine convention

Today I visited an international conference on alternative medicine. The trade show attached to it had about fifty odd booths, each promoting anything from government regulatory agencies and specialist practitioner associations, to the usual wide range of medical methods. It is intriguing to see and hear about both the “mainstream” alternative medicine folks, like acupuncture and homeopathy, as well as the “far out” groups that speak of flower vibrations captured in little sugar pills.
Should these alternative groups (and sometimes individual stand-alone operators be allowed to ply their wares? Or should there be some strict rules to make them play the game of the conventional schools?
That is a very hard question to even discuss, let alone decide the answer to. On the one hand, you cannot ask a trumpet player to play by the rules of a footballer, even though the purpose of both is to give pleasure to others. On the other, the gullible need to be protected. Or do they?