Monthly Archives: October 2014

Threshold of life

its been a roller coaster ride the past year. Although we are sometime impressed and motivated by quotes from wisdom of the ages, few of us actually make life changing moves as a result of that.
And that is pragmatic.
However, if there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do and that has lasted ten or more years, then it is time to reflect on it and make a decision whether it is an unrealistic goal, to keep in the realm of fantasy, and to call upon when you need respite from the turmoils of this world..or, it is realistic, but needs disruption to your comfort zone, its existing has lots of uncertainties, and perhaps dealing with existing relationships. Whether it’s to do with a career move, a relationship reconfiguration, or otherwise, give it the thought. The worse case scenario may not be as frightening as it at first appears.
I’m reaching that point in my own life now. In my sixties, I realize that waiting is not a good choice. So, a decision is pending.
What about you? Do you have this kind of thing on your mind?

Here we go again

Here we go again. The latest incarnation of my blog.

You are probably here because you’ve been given a link, to check out some part of my writings. Or you stumbled here “Accidentally”. Which, if you are still reading, means we are fated to meet in cyber space, what the Chinese call “yuan fen”  (缘分).  Or so some would like to believe, though I’m agnostic on this matter.