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Grammar errors in some posts that change meanings, who is to blame?

You might have noticed some spelling and grammar mistakes in some of my posts. I just went through recent entries and am embarrassed by some changes in meanings to my post. Maybe it’s the auto spelling “correction” that occurs a lot. I will try to identify them and make human corrections. Hopefully the computer and smart phones I use do not go and change the spellings again.
This is food for thought about the rush the industry is going into, in getting the machine to do our thinking for us and to “correct” us.

Certification and Certification

The past decade has seen a proliferation of certification programmes. Some are better and some are ****.

There was a time when I had friends who sought out any and every certificate they can collect.

I think there is a slowing down. One reason is the economic recession that makes people and employers more careful where they put their money. Another is the realisation that jobs depend on more substantive life things than just certificates.

Certificates are still useful. Hey, I still make a part of my living in putting on certification courses. At least the few that I believe in and am qualified to do. But you better be good in the subject that you are certified in. The days of hiding behind waffles and colleagues are gone. You may be the only person handling an important responsibility and having several jobs to do.

I think the days of getting jobs based on certificates of subject matter that one has no knowledge, beyond the exams questions is largely over. And that’s a good thing, for employers and also for genuine training providers and certification bodies’ reputation.

Hmmm….. do you smell a fish? Or is the fish going to bite you?