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Grammar errors in some posts that change meanings, who is to blame?

You might have noticed some spelling and grammar mistakes in some of my posts. I just went through recent entries and am embarrassed by some changes in meanings to my post. Maybe it’s the auto spelling “correction” that occurs a lot. I will try to identify them and make human corrections. Hopefully the computer and smart phones I use do not go and change the spellings again.
This is food for thought about the rush the industry is going into, in getting the machine to do our thinking for us and to “correct” us.

What’s in a name?

Names are important in helping us to be clear about what we mean. And the same the other way around. If we wish to convey some piece of information the choice of words is one factor that determines The success or failure of our communication. 

This is easier said than done. Many other factors have to be considered  in tandem. The listener and the speaker may attach different meanings to a particular word. The context of the moment and place of the interaction is another factor. The mood of each person may also change by the minute. Body language may be correctly or incorrectly interpreted. 

IMG 1797 SSlookLadderOnGroud

What does this mean? Is the guy thinking deeply? Puzzled? Starting to get a heart attack? Wondering what the ladder is doing on the ground? Angry with the ladder?


This is a topic that we can revisit many more times with further insight.