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Perspective – the one thing/limit we are seldom aware of

Panorama of a Sydney scene

Panorama of a Sydney scene

What is there to notice about this iphone panorama photo shoot of a street scene in Sydney?

The distortion is the most obvious one. We live with the distortion because we have grown accustomed to what a typical consumer level photograph will look like. Our brain tells us that there is nothing wrong with the scene because it makes allowances for the distortions.

This “adjustment” happens a lot more often and in a lot more situations than we are aware of. Sometime the adjust has positive results, mostly harmless. But once in a while it leads to unexpected undesirable results. Like a fast moving object heading towards us in a part of our “blind spot”.

While quite well understood now in the physical world (which in not the same as saying we are all able to handle the problems it causes). It is something less well understood in the professions. Like in the world of business analysis.  All “knowledge” captured, expressed, analyzed, propose in a design, is from a particular perspective. A point in time and space (and another dimension?). Sometimes it does not matter, and sometimes it matters,  knowing the position that the expression is made from.

The building profession, or other engineering professions have a better history of well accepted (and hence recognized) “perspectives” in their engineering or architecture drawings. The world of IT tries to do it with their diagrams that express views from different perspectives of procesess, data, timing, etc. There are two big problems that we have though. One is the “un”commoness of these expressions. There is UML and other “standards” but none of them are anywhere near the common acceptance of the stable engineering and architecture professions. The second, is the fact that IT, is a very young discipline (debatable as a discipline) that continues to evolve. It is not only the technology (as in hardware and software) that is changing, but the very fabric. Ideas used to conceptualize and then develop real systems. These are moving at breakneck speed.

Is it a scary future? Or an exciting one? Both. Same reason we pay to watch scary movies. We seek the fear of the unknown. Except, the movie does not end in two hours.

endof meal

end of a meal empty plate with fork and knife





No pain no gain?

There is a common perception that in order to benefit from exercises all from sports we need to suffer the same time, there is also a belief that pain is a warning by our system, the body system,  that something is wrong somewhere and that  we need to protect the part that is suffering pain. 

Clearly, there is truth in both of these statements. The difference is the situation under which we will apply either one of these beliefs. I should not use the word belief, because we need to look at the facts of the individual case.

There must be some sort of criteria, guidelines, that we can make use of in deciding whether the pain that we are currently suffering from, in a given situation, is one that we should try to minimize or try to remove the source of pain in any way.  We ought to, perhaps even increase the pain significantly, in order to take away the problem permanently.

Give this matter some thought, because all of us will at some point or other, face this decision. Leaving the decision to others to tell us what to do is not a good idea. Because the pain can only be felt by we ourself and the way that we verbalize the condition to another person, even a doctor, may not do justice to the actual condition. 

My Injured ankle. X-ray MRI did not help the “specialist” doctors diagnose the problem let alone the cure. More on this on a later post. 

Thinking out of the box is incorrect.

Thinking out of the box may be a good thing. But there’s a problem when it’s applied. In order to think out of the box, you have to be able to know where the box is. This is often missed out. The box is different according to the scenario and the area of study. There is no such thing as a universal box where you can say that “this is the boundary of the box” and apply that to all situations. Photo-2016-12-5-07-45.jpg

Manager of one? Dangers.

Many people have the job title of manager although they do not have anyone under them in the organization chart. That is they do not really have any staff reporting to them. So, we get into the definition of “manager”.Perhaps it’s to prepare for a section or division to be set up. Perhaps the title is just to get past some legacy reasons why salary scale is tied to job title.

This subject is worth a detailed analysis by itself.

But getting back to the gist of the title of this post. Is it possible to manage just one staff?

There’s nothing to stop a company from giving you the manager title and allocating one person to report to you. Or you are an entrepreneur and you can only afford to employ one staff.

The problem arises when the job definition and boundaries of power are not defined. The one person will, over time, develop a negative attitude towards you. You will see a role reversal. The managed becomes the manager. If you do not check this at an early stage, the role reversal is irreversible. It’s an interesting psychological phenomena that warrants more investigation and analysis of the things that go on in the mind of the staff, which develops into this power reversal. Why does it happen, and what are the factors that make it possible. And what are the solutions open to you?


Work ManWoman Pr 25  TRS  23 04 10 0060

Heat Wave

I’m sitting in my lounge at home, drafting this blog entry. The air conditioner is on, which is unusual for me, as I much prefer natural ventilation though it my be warmer than dos people would like. 

It occurred to me now that we go thru life facing many conditions that are “natural”. Not just the elements of nature, but events and people who we find disagreeable in some way. Having a strategy t cope with recurring situations helps. Once we classify them, we can match each new unpleasant encounter with our categories list. If it fits one of the categories, then we can go on auto pilot in the way we handle them.

Autopilot only works if we have settings for each variable that is relevant. The variable for heat is temperature. So, if the temperature goes to a certain level and beyond, the air conditioner gets turned on. It also means we need to know what the level of discomfort is that we are willing to put up with temporarily. Otherwise the thermostat will keep kicking in and out and the body will wear out much faster.  And you will be seen to be too fickle.

Decorations on restaurant premises

Sitting in one of my favorite open air (under a mobile roof) facing the road. I am aware of a spotlight shining on my direction from across the road. That’s disastrous as spotlights on your direct line of sight causes migraine. Fortunately there’s a potted plant that can block that spotlight. So it’s a matter of adjusting my seating a couple of inches to avoid the spotlight. A lesson on interior decoration, Feng Shui, architecture etc.

Hocus Pocus

3 bottles for rm99. Two red and I white. Cannot have 3 reds. Label price is rm47. From Tong Woh shop.
I took two Shiraz and one Chardonay.

So far drank the Shiraz. Good for the price.

There’s an interesting part to the label. It seems to show a magic trick for each type (I think or maybe batch) of wine. Hence the label/brand Hocus Pocus.
But it’s not about how to perform the trick. It just
describes what the trick does.
Still , the wines good for the price range.

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Pill of immortality and early death

Pill of immortality and early death.
Old Chinese emperors wanted to live forever. With such a wish there was no shortage of offers to make one for them. Whether you see them as alchemist, doctors, adventurers or just frauds. It could be these “experts” genuinely thought that with the right financial backing they could really invent a pill of immortality. It could even sometimes be someone paid to kill the emperor by the pill.

Today it doesn’t happen. There is no more emperor to command anyone to do the impossible. Nobody believes in immortality any more.
Really ?
Instead of the emperor, we the average man in the street are the emperor.
We wish to prolong life. To be young forever.
And there is no shortage of quacks to sell us that fantasy. Look at the increasing numbers of pharmacies and medical and health and beauty shops in all towns of decent size.

The emperor and the quest for immortality lives in us.

Time is needed to refocus

Having looked at a computer screen, it takes a while for the eyes to refocus when you look away toward a distant scene outside your window. (Hopefully you have that window looking over some distant scene, if not, try to have something further away, that you can turn around to look at. A picture on the wall, behind you, a flower vase across the room, for instance).

The reverse also applies. If you have looked at a bright, distant object and then shift focus to a book, your eyes will take time to adapt.
The brighter the first object viewed, the longer it takes to acclimatize to the new object.

This applies to tasks we carry out when we are multitasking. Hence the ability to multitask with minimal inefficiency is due in part to the “brightness” or mental intensity of the different tasks we are juggling. Generally, I try to avoid multitasking, but that is not always possible to avoid in today’s complex life.


Picture of Simon Seow

Alternative Medicine – what does it mean?

photo of information banner of alternative medicine convention

photo of information banner of alternative medicine convention

Today I visited an international conference on alternative medicine. The trade show attached to it had about fifty odd booths, each promoting anything from government regulatory agencies and specialist practitioner associations, to the usual wide range of medical methods. It is intriguing to see and hear about both the “mainstream” alternative medicine folks, like acupuncture and homeopathy, as well as the “far out” groups that speak of flower vibrations captured in little sugar pills.
Should these alternative groups (and sometimes individual stand-alone operators be allowed to ply their wares? Or should there be some strict rules to make them play the game of the conventional schools?
That is a very hard question to even discuss, let alone decide the answer to. On the one hand, you cannot ask a trumpet player to play by the rules of a footballer, even though the purpose of both is to give pleasure to others. On the other, the gullible need to be protected. Or do they?