What did Socrates say or wrote?

Many many things.

Did Socrates write down things he said?

Not to my knowledge, and please correct me and let me know where to find his direct writings. Thanks. His great ideas were left by his students. Like Plato?

Sort of an excuse for those of us with plenty of ideas. These ideas are seldom formal study type things. For formal study to memorize rather than to discus with people the same intellectual level and above ourselves, yet with the joys of discussions, is rare to come across. I really miss my days in London throughout the 70s when I met such a wide range of people to mix with. Many whom I had found strange in ideas, in looks. But all interesting. Those days are gone and i am a little inclined to believe the possibility that humanity is approaching the end (million years perhaps) rather than a real progress. Perhaps not an end of physical existence but very much an end of individualism.

Strange isn’t it? The note one writes the more one realizes that the writings are just the top of the iceberg and therefore the amounts of misguidance possible by writings. But what is the alternative to sharing knowledge?

Time for a rest? Or a reorg?

I’ve been looking over my popular posts (for my self pleasure, as I don’t track my visitors), and realized that there’s more than a hundred posts. All done on the fly when thoughts arise, so there’s no formal way for me to organize them.

It’s really hard work for me, to sit down for long hours and find some way to group them and select them for a “book”. Oh, why did it take me a lifetime to realize what Socrates did? Next post I’ll talk about this. But tea first.

hmmm…sideways drinking ?

Bridge to nowhere. When what we do has no “usefulness”, or is that so?…

This was a really steep climb up those stairs. Doesn’t look that way in the picture. But you are warned. So why did I climb up, knowing that I could not go anywhere once I reached the top. And he way down was likely more scary.

My reason was that I wanted to use it as one of the things I do to overcome my fear of heights. Like my mum, who will not stand in front of an upstairs window, I used to be an embarrassment when I was in the Boy Scouts. Frozen solid, or constantly shivering each time I was pushed up a tree to get on one of those exercises to use a rope to get between trees. Or rollercoasters.

So, I am not one of those well published folks who keep doing death defying moves just for fun, or showing off. I’m still a scary cat when it comes to keeping alive.

Oh, you also want to check out and prepare for how you may want to react, if these flimsy stairs were to break while you’re walking on them.

Grammar errors in some posts that change meanings, who is to blame?

You might have noticed some spelling and grammar mistakes in some of my posts. I just went through recent entries and am embarrassed by some changes in meanings to my post. Maybe it’s the auto spelling “correction” that occurs a lot. I will try to identify them and make human corrections. Hopefully the computer and smart phones I use do not go and change the spellings again.
This is food for thought about the rush the industry is going into, in getting the machine to do our thinking for us and to “correct” us.

What a long times it’s been, and that’s the way things are.

In my “younger days” I have been used to things happening fast. Didn’t realize that out of ten things I did, only less than half succeeded. Half is good. Actually, perhaps one in ten was a “good” success factor. Speak to those who are seen to have succeeded and who are honest with you. One in ten is pretty good. I’m not talking about financial investment proportions, where you lose $10 to gain $1. That will beg bad if even the successful one was a one off event. Even in business type events, there is a situation where you eventually get prolonged returns that will give you more than ten times your initial investment.

What I’m trying to do here is to tell those of you who are tired, and who are frustrated by failures, or by non-results to not lose heart.

At the same time, to find some time and space to observe and analyze. And here’s another strange thing in life. When you’re really busy and running fast, full of hope and enthusiasm, you have no time to sit and think. So, when you do have the time, meaning you are not in the midst of a rush, do find time to sit and think. Even if the think is nothing to do with what you’re trying to do today, this week or this month. Think. Find time for yourself to spend with yourself.

What about time thinking around the business, beside the unplanned mental times?

Think through some business ideas whether or not you get any positive endings in the thoughts. If you only want thoughts that have instant conclusions, then you are not really stretching your mind isn’t it?


I can’t put this in more attractive ways. But that’s just the nature of truth. It’s you get it or you don’t. Nothing romantically attractive about it. But just a few words that inspire you, ha!

Thinking cat

Even a cat thinks.



Stone face

What was the real facial expression of the model for this? Or as it made purely from designer/makers imagination? Btw this is a huge stone sculpture, much higher than me. And many of them around the old sites in Cambodia.

AnkorHead MedMed IMG 0612

I keep getting some requests to include some strangers in my Facebook account. Some of them with a picture like this. Can’t say that it’s a copy of my picture, since this is a popular tourist spot.

I’m really sorry if anyone sees my blog and then goes to my Facebook or other social media and requests to join. I am definitely not a social media marketer. So my connections are really really small. Even when occasionally it includes someone I don’t know personally. And here is a secret – I keep telling people I am quite hopeless in using these new social media comms programs, but nobody believes me. Is that funny or is that embarrassing.\

Certification and Certification

The past decade has seen a proliferation of certification programmes. Some are better and some are ****.

There was a time when I had friends who sought out any and every certificate they can collect.

I think there is a slowing down. One reason is the economic recession that makes people and employers more careful where they put their money. Another is the realisation that jobs depend on more substantive life things than just certificates.

Certificates are still useful. Hey, I still make a part of my living in putting on certification courses. At least the few that I believe in and am qualified to do. But you better be good in the subject that you are certified in. The days of hiding behind waffles and colleagues are gone. You may be the only person handling an important responsibility and having several jobs to do.

I think the days of getting jobs based on certificates of subject matter that one has no knowledge, beyond the exams questions is largely over. And that’s a good thing, for employers and also for genuine training providers and certification bodies’ reputation.

Hmmm….. do you smell a fish? Or is the fish going to bite you?

Is this business vs technical people in organisations still there?

There seems to be a continuous conflict between the business side people and the technical side people of the same organisation. While most people do see it as a problem, it is not really so. The two sides need different minds and attitudes to perform well in their respective jobs. (Though here we are simplifying things a lot since it is usually not so straightforward to place everybody in an organisation in either camp).

The flowing diagram illustrates the issue. It may be two or more, or less points of common views, but there will always be ;positions and views that are different. These stress points need proper management because otherwise, when one side makes all the decisions without taking into consideration the other sides views, then things will be inefficient and the organisation will perform far below its potential.

Screen Shot 2016 08 29 at 12 00 54 AM

The Business-Technical link and distance