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These are samples of the writings that I have done. There is a collection of articles I have written for the press, books and other articles and thought bits that are triggered by my everyday events. Sadly much writings have been lost, so I am starting to organize some in blogs.

! have a wide range of interests and is able to bring unique insights to a topic, by drawing on long experiences in analyzing and establishing relationships among seemingly disparate subjects. Laughter is used to trigger insightful moments, never purely as entertainment.

I am an accredited trainer in areas of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management, Business Analysis and Enterprise Architecture. But my passion is to lead others beyond theory and into real knowledge, skills and insights so that they can fish by themselves, go higher than me, and one day, devote themselves to teach something great, if that is their calling.

True Love
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Been there, Done that!   What’s next...

Looking Back

Looking Forward

Kipling’s immortal poem went “...if you can walk with kings nor lose the common touch...”.

I have indeed been blessed with opportunities to experience life widely and deeply, in situations that have tested me with punishments and rewards. This continues to give me insights into patterns of structures of space and  time, as it relates to individuals, organisations and the world at large.

Employer, employee, freelance, jobless. One man and his dog, Mom and pop shop, multinational corporation. Teacher, student. Meditation, TaiChi, Corporate strategy. Patient, healer. Follower, leader. Blessings dressed as misfortune and lucky breaks that led to chaos.

Everything changes and nothing changes.


Retirement was very much on my mind a few years ago, when many of my friends “officially” did so. Until I realized that the concept of  “retirement” is an artificial  invention of industrial society designed for a particular time, for a particular type of mind-set, for those who are in situations where work is unguided by passion.

My tasks had felt like it ranged from torture to bliss. But passion was always my companion.

I will not rest until that voice in my heart stops pushing me to share what insights I have gained, to groom those it sends to me, and to continue my own path of discovery, wherever that voice tells me to go. Truly, the more one knows, the more one realizes how little one knows. And the more urgently one feels the need to share.

PEOPLE are the ultimate deciding factor

“With my good friend John Zachman, the father of Enterprise Architecture, and a great man with integrity in thought and behaviour.”
Fancy Car
“Simon Says” was my own column in the Star National Newspaper. Sat in various Councils, Committees, Standards and Advisory Panels. Now I choose to work with individuals who have potential, whenever I can.