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NetObjects Fusion 2013 NetObjects Fusion 2013 NetObjects Fusion 2013

Hi, this s the place where I keep most of my works.
There are a few things that I have cared enough to think deeply about, to analyse and sometimes to write about. This website is my attempt to keep my work in one place and to share some ideas with those who care about the same subject matter.

NetObjects Fusion 2013.The Blog pages are in another part of the site, and can be reached by the link on top right hand corner of this page. That will represent the latest thought that come to mind, while these “static” pages here will be built up as enough material can be culled from the blog entries and and other sources to be presented in a more coherent manner.

Current pucture shown on the right is the MVP certificate, covetted by MS platform developers. I have long left the world of cutting code in software programming, and now focus key matters that have along term (life long) impact on our lives.


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